Xinyuan County online part-time earning regular platform

Xinyuan County online part-time earning regular platform

Zhang Yuan was obviously serious about “correcting their mentality.’

“What do you intend to do then?” Pei Qian asked.

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Zhang Yuan thought for a while. “I plan to give them two days to adapt. I’ll also find a personal trainer for them at the same time.

“The best candidate would be someone who is experienced, who had worked as a coach in other esports departments. He should be able to convince them to transform and require them to communicate with their teammates. At the same time be able to develop various tactics.

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“Some team coaches or their assistants of Gods Rising are good.”

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Pei Qian remained silent. It sounded like a rather reliable method. Indeed, a good coach was vital to the improvement of the team. Such a person would possibly be able to revamp their mentalities.

He should not allow Zhang Yuan to search for them then!

“I don’t think that’s appropriate.” Pei Qian coughed lightly.

“What is your opinion, Boss Pei?” Zhang Yuan was taken aback. Zhang Yuan listened carefully as he followed silently behind Pei Qian in the courtyard.

“First of all, GOG is a brand new game. The game mechanics are very different from Gods Rising or other similar games. Introducing stereotyped thinking of coaches from other projects may affect the players.

“The players are generally ordinary folks. Getting someone who doesn’t understand them to teach them might improve their teamwork on the surface, but it would in fact seriously suppress their talents!

“Secondly, like you mentioned, autism is innate and not something that can be changed overnight.

“Forcing them to communicate with each other might not only fail to achieve the intended results, but it might also make them lose their individual advantages. Learn to walk before you fly. You cannot make haste.

“Lastly, Gods Rising and other esports are not developing well; they are not very formal. “At present, domestic professional esports clubs have two sorts of people. One of them is people taking them as a job. The club is their office. “The other type is rich second-generation heirs treating clubs as playthings.