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「I think that’s impossible. Allen-kun’s spiritual power seems to surpass “Black Fist” Leia Lasnode’s. I can’t even imagine him getting exhausted in the first place, though.」


The president and senpais were discussing deep in whispers, with their eyes focused on me.

「Next, we will attack simultaneously. And… You remember your positions, don’t you?」

「Aa, of course!」

「Of course, it’s perfect, though!」

「Yoshi, then… Let’s do it!」

At that moment, the look in their eyes changed.

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(It looks like they will make the first move this time…)

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I don’t know what the president and senpais were doing behind the scenes of the Christmas party, but…

That hardcore sore loser prepared a『set up』… I should assume it wouldn’t be too simple.

I have to be more focused than ever.

「Here I come…〈Burst Clay〉!」

Lilim-senpai swung her sword with a side sweep, spreading muddy gray-brown clay into the air.