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“Shut up!”

The annoying loner stood next to Mii and even asked me to lower my head with the little girl.

Mii sighed dumbfoundedly at what we said.

“I don’t mean by that. I was saying lower your head physically.”


Amano and I looked at each other and tilted our heads. …So, I can only squat down with a hmph and lower my head slightly to Mii. …After that, a small palm grabbed the back of my head suddenly.

“Hey, wait, what are you doing-“

“Please don’t move. It’s hard for me to reach the top.”

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“…Reach the top?”

Mii directly pressed my head and shoulder with her entire body before climbing up. After that, she adjusted her body quickly. In the end…

“Phew, I’m on the top now. Tasuku-nii-chan, please stand up.”

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“…It hurts.”

My hair is being grabbed like a controller, and I was forced to raise my head. Then, after she urged me to stand up, …Kase-senpai said, “I see.” He nodded.

“You want to ride on his shoulders.”

“Yes. I’m on top of Tasuku-nii-chan now.”

Mii put her legs on my shoulders as she grabbed my hair with both of her hands tightly. After I understood what’s happening, I held Mii’s legs to prevent her from falling off.

So, Kousei mumbled a bit admirably.

“I see. After all, we have no idea what Mii’s mother looks like. She should observe the people in a tall place.”