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The camera panned to the other coach. The confident coach’s expression changed from confidence to suspicion and confusion.

He looked at the game screen in disbelief and almost thought that he had seen wrongly.

Then, he began to communicate with his team members.

Even though he spoke in English and the contents of the exchange were not released, the audience could roughly imagine what he was saying.

“Can you defeat this hero?”

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“What skills does it possess?”

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“This should be targeted at popular heroes, which is it targeted at...”

The coach was confused. He did not understand why FV wanted to snatch this hero. What’s more, he had never fought with this hero in the mock competition!

The opposing team obviously did not manage to figure it out as the time for selecting heroes passed. In the end, they chose two versions of the powerful heroes that they thought were the best and were most familiar with in terms of tactics.

However, this seemed to be exactly what FV Team wanted. Old Zhou got his team members to lock down two more heroes, specifically targeting the tactics that the opponents were good at without any hesitation!

This One Second Lock produced a strong psychological deterrent effect.

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One side considered it over and over again, and only locked the hero when the time was up. The other side did not hesitate to lock the hero in seconds, the winner was obvious.

Pei Qian sighed melancholically, deeply worried about the other team’s fate.

Three hours later.

“Let us congratulate FV team for the crushing victory of 3: 0 and successfully entering the finals!”

“In a situation where the domestic teams are unanimously pessimistic, FV Team has relied on their extraordinary performance and bottomless tactical reserves to surprise us time and time again. I believe that they will be able to perform as well as they did today on the finals stage next week...”

“Please take a break and don’t leave. FV team members will be interviewed later.”

The two commentators who were broadcasting in the country were very excited. After they finished explaining FV Team’s final 3-0 score, they felt that one of the commentators was almost out of breath. They could not help but want to give him an oxygen tank.