Du'an Yao Autonomous County Regular Online Part-time Money

Du'an Yao Autonomous County Regular Online Part-time Money

At that moment, the gazes full of expectations from the new students pierced my chest like an arrow.

I steel myself and started to introduce myself.

「Well, Uh… I come from the Gran Swordsmanship Academy and am called Allen Rodore. My affiliated school is, well… self-taught. I want to do my best this year.」

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The moment I closed my mouth, the gymnasium was dead silent.

About ten seconds after that, the new students began to fuss up all at once.

「…Hey, Oi… Just now, that guy… didn’t he say he was self-taught?」

「How can he say that without any shame… Just how thick-skinned is this guy…」

「I mean, where is even the Gran Swordsmanship Academy? I have never heard of such an academy.」

「He has a hopeless look… Can he even hold a sword properly?」

「The two from before made sense to be a recommended admission… but this person is a little… how do I say?」

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「This is called buying one’s way into the academy… the worst!」」

With just one introduction, my likability seems to have dropped to the bottom of the earth.