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Four mirror slashes from left and right each – eight simultaneous slashes at unstoppable speed.

「Something like this… I can shoot dowwwnnn!」

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He made full use of his extraordinary physical ability and shot down all the slashes.

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(As expected of his reaction speed and sword speed)

I was dumbfounded by his talent at this point.

(However… my true aim comes after this!)

Sid-san, who prevented Mirrored Sakura Slash from attacking his left and right, was left open in the center of his body – the middle was defenseless.

I aimed there and,

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

I unleashed eight simultaneous slashes.


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However, he cut down even that. Sid-san shot slashes one after another at an amazing reaction rate.


Two consecutive Yatagarasu – he was unable to cut down all sixteen slashes, and one slash reached him. Although it was only one shot, the slash caught him on the head. Dark red blood trickled down from his forehead.


He glared at me with bloodshot eyes, holding his injured head with his right hand. I matched his gaze firmly and declared clearly.