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Kase-senpai looked at the clock as he noticed us. Oiso-senpai replied with an “okay” casually before cutting the power to the console and start packing.

“Ah, I’ll help.”

Although I stood up as I said that, Oiso-senpai stopped me. “No need, it’s better for people who’s familiar with the club to pack.” Comparatively, she ordered Tendou-san, Mizumi-kun, and Kase-senpai.

Just as the four of them are busy packing, I leisurely went idle and observed.

…I can feel a sense of “warmth” here, different than the last time.

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“So that’s why…Tendou-san dragged me here because she wanted me to experience all this…”

Right, this is something that I didn’t get to see when I’m visiting the Game Club previously.

The Game Club is willing to be considerate from the bottom of their heart for a sucker like me…Then, they even welcomed me with the corresponding preparation and mindset.

I looked at the senpais who still busy while being convinced by their effort again at the same time. Tears are even starting to appear in my eyes.

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…So, the club was as clean as before without me even realizing it. Once I snapped out of it, the four people standing in the clubroom with their backs facing the sunset is looking at me warmly.

Just as I’m shocked at their solemn faces…Tendou-san is seemingly trying to represent everyone as she took a step forward and asked.

“So, …A-Amano-kun, how do you feel? Today’s visit to our club.”