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“However, this way, players would not be able to achieve the original ending. Instead, they would be able to achieve an ‘eternal rebirth’ ending. The protagonist would ultimately become a hellish demon and lose himself completely. The entire world would become hell on earth.”

“Players would only be able to enter the ordinary Prison Keeper ending if they are not too bewitched and use their own strength to clear the game.”

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Bao Xu had already finished with the updates for Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold; he finally managed to take a breather recently.

Lu Mingliang immediately handed over the Game Designer game for Bao Xu to try it out.

After all, this was the number-one experienced game tester in the company; he also knew Boss Pei’s intentions the best! As Lu Mingliang was not feeling very confident, he needed to get a confidence boost from this experienced person.

Bao Xu seriously went through the game once. He did not run through all the possible endings; that would be a waste of time. He had just followed his instincts and completed two to three runs of the game.

“How is it, Brother Bao? How does the game feel? Are there things that need to be changed? Lu Mingliang asked.

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Bao Xu did not answer immediately.

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After a while, Bao Xu responded, “What do you guys think?”

The ‘you guys’ here naturally referred to everyone involved in developing Game Designer, including Lu Mingliang. Lu Mingliang hesitated as he decided to tell the truth. “Many people feel that… this game is a little boring. Besides me, no one else has much confidence in this game.

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“Although this game had been personally designed by Boss Pei, it somehow seems… to lack the motivation for one to persevere and continue playing…”

Lu Mingliang was very conflicted. On one hand, he was at a loss at what to do and embarrassed. Thinking about the previous game, Huang Sibo and Bao Xu had created Ocean Stronghold; and it had been an instant success!

Now, when it came to his turn after he took over from Huang Sibo, he still had to have Boss Pei personally helping him to make changes to the game. He felt as if he was being a hindrance, and he didn’t have much face.

On the other hand, he was really worried. Since the gameplay had been designed by Boss Pei while the game arts had been taken care of by Big Boss Ruan; from every aspect, this game ought to be very popular and lucrative.

However, after trying it out, it didn’t give off the sense that ‘this would be in high demand’; many people in the design team all thought that it was rather boring!

These contradicting feelings made Lu Mingliang very apprehensive. He couldn’t possibly go and ask Boss Pei directly and hence wanted to hear Bao Xu’s opinion.

Bao Xu thought for a moment. “I think that your thinking is from an insider’s point of view. You guys have long seen the game script and know every single choice and option within the game. It is as if someone had given you guys a spoiler; of course, you guys won’t feel anything special while playing.