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“Chang You is very supportive of our plan. I have already spoken to him about the priority supply. Star Bird Fitness’s model being successful means that he can sell the smart fitness drying rack to more gyms. He will definitely be very happy.”

“If you’re really worried...”

“How about this? I’ll talk to Chang You or the person-in-charge of Dream Realization Ventures. I’ll give some shares of Star Bird Fitness to Tengda. Wouldn’t that be good enough?”

Che Rong was elated. “That’s great! I feel more at ease now.”

Li Shi said, “It looks like our previous plan was too conservative. A dozen smart fitness drying racks are not enough. Many people don’t even have the chance to use them.”

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“When we open the new shops, we might as well do away with the equipment that few people use. 70%!o(MISSING)f the gym’s area will be filled with the smart fitness drying racks. We can order 30 or 40 sets at a time! We can also create a special membership card that can only use smart fitness drying racks and treadmills. We can give a discount and add a few props in the Fitness Battle...”

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Li Shi and Che Rong chatted as they walked into the gym. A magnificent blueprint seemed to be slowly unfolding as they pieced everything into place.

Meng Chang came to Boss Pei’s office with the publicity plan not long after work on Monday.

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He had intended to head straight to the advertising and marketing department and hand this plan to Yu Yao so that he could push it in as soon as possible.

However, after much consideration, he decided to look for Boss Pei first because there was something very important that had to be dealt with. This concerned the success or failure of the entire publicity plan.

If Boss Pei did not agree...

Meng Chang would rather not do the publicity and not spend a single cent on publicity.

That was because Meng Chang needed a promise from Boss Pei. Without that promise, Meng Chang felt that he still had a chance of failure and it was very high.

However, if Boss Pei gave this promise, his chances of success would greatly increase!