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What’s more, this kind of plot would appear more humorous. It would have a cold sense of humor that would make the players more relaxed and less serious.

The opening animation was all made using instantaneous calculation. However, it did not look rough at all because of the game’s style. Instead, it looked strange and cute.

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Soon after, it was time for the official storyline of the game.

Players would play the ‘Chosen One’ in the plot. The prophet predicted that the ‘Chosen One’ was the key to sealing the fat demon again. Only with the ‘Chosen One’ could the warriors persevere and successfully drive away the fat demon avatar on their bodies. Finally, they would face the fat demon in perfect shape.

The game would be conducted from a first-person perspective. The ‘Chosen One’ played by the players would accompany the eight warriors into different places such as the glaciers and deserts. After expelling the fat demon avatars parasitizing them, they would defeat the City Lords parasitized by the fat demon avatars in these different areas and finally defeat the fat demon through the sealing ritual.

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Characters were unlocked in a certain order. At the beginning, one of the two initial characters had to be chosen. Once this character met the requirements, one would be selected from the three characters, and then one from the three... and so on.

Players did not need to train all eight characters in the story mode. They only needed to get through four of them. However, there was an even more difficult challenge after getting through the story mode. Moreover, it would take a long time to train the characters to a perfect figure.

Qiao Liang decided to go with the plot first and play chapter after chapter.

The first chapter was a checkpoint that leaned towards the novice guide category. On a green field, the ones attacking were also relatively simple fat monsters.

During the battle, the character would guide players to make various fitness movements and explain the key points of these movements.

Most of these actions were done on the yoga mat. For example, there were hHigh leg raises, squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches, etc., there are also some difficult movements, similar to Burpees, or other strange-looking movements.

He could tell that these movements were designed by professionals. They were indeed helpful for fitness.

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Qiao Liang took out the yoga mat that he had been eating dust for a long time and spread it out in the living room. He projected the image of the tablet onto the television, supported the tablet with a frame according to the instructions, and aimed the camera at himself. Then, he began to exercise.

“Strange, how did it detect my movements?”

Qiao Liang was a little curious. Even though the game had indeed used a tablet computer’s camera and required players to remain within the camera’s range, could the precision and sensitivity of such a camera determine whether the players’ movements were standard?

Out of curiosity, Qiao Liang deliberately skated a little and made a few extremely irregular movements.

Then, he realized that he obviously could not.