How to make money on the Internet online 2017

How to make money on the Internet online 2017

Yet, everyone in the conference room continued looking at him intently, waiting to hear what he would say next. Pei Qian sighed inwardly and continued speaking.

“Delay the next goal; make it ten months to a year later.

“Set up a software laboratory and do things like creating applications that people can use, perfecting the cell phone’s system, and improving the image algorithm. “We promised our customers that we will release two versions of operating systems and allow them to switch between both with a single button. We only have a simplified version now, but not a feature-rich one.

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“We have to keep our promises.”

Chang You spoke softly. “Boss Pei, the feature-rich version was supposed to be developed together with the new cell phone. We talked about this before.”

Pei Qian was confused.

Have we talked about this before? Oh, I think we have. Still, Pei Qian maintained a stern expression. “We have limited resources for research and development. We have to focus our resources if we want to accomplish big things. You could go through the same process with less investment and end up with vastly different results.

“Don’t think that you can fool customers with a feature-rich operating system that you created with little effort. If we want to do it, we have to make it perfect, understand?”

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Chang You looked guilty as he nodded. “Yes, Boss Pei.”

Pei Qian was considering this: now that a new cycle had begun, he could extend the deadline of another project to the next cycle.

At the moment, Otto Technologies looked like a good candidate.

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Pei Qian would only extend the deadline of a project if it had three characteristics: first, it posed a threat at the moment; second, a large number of resources could be invested in it so that more money could be burned; third, the product or project would be accomplished before the end of the next cycle.

Otto Technologies’ cell phone fulfilled all three criteria.

Pei Qian prioritized setting up a software laboratory over a hardware laboratory. Although a hardware laboratory would burn more money, the project could easily come to naught at the end of the day.That was because it was not easy to make hardware. The products would either work or not; there was no gray area. If they failed to release any products before the next settlement date, wouldn’t Pei Qian be finished?

On the other hand, a software laboratory would cost a lot of money and easily produce results. Setting one up was unlikely to affect settlement.

Even if the software laboratory only served to improve the operating system, release a passable application, or improve the cell phone’s image algorithm; it would still be an achievement. Pei Qian could just try to find a way to generate revenue to satisfy the System. Chang You noted down Boss Pei’s instructions very seriously, without raising a single question. Boss Pei had planned everything from market placement to brand marketing for the Otto E1 cell phone. He had bought Chang You over completely.

Now, Chang You only had one principle: if Boss Pei had requests, he would fulfill them to the best of his ability; otherwise, he would make decisions on his own.