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――In such a short time, all answers correct ... My little man. At last, my lessons are going through.... Yoyoyo

And so, with tears of joy, Sadiz granted me permission to go out before dinner.

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All questions were answered correctly in a short time. I’ve never had such a pleasant feeling, and I did a guts pose.

“Well, as thanks I’ll take you where you like.”

『Um. Then go where is most prosperous. 』

“Oh, leave it to me.”

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I got out of the mansion, passed through the high-end residential area, and arrived at the downtown area, which is also the center of the Imperial city.

『A lot of development... There is no air of slaughter as during the war... Such positivity...... Tis so peaceful. 』

『And this is... those fellows, the world they gained by overthrowing me..... 』

Outside for the first time in over ten years. The Sky. The City. Civilization. And a lot of people.

It may be complicated for Tre’ainar, a demon and enemy of mankind, but it was also the moment when he was finally able to go out into the world.

That’s why Tre’ainar was silently watching the scene in front of him for a while.

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“Oh, I’m tired! I don’t know, I’m up for a drink today.”

“Hehe, welcome. Your wife would like this.

“Nah! Move along buddy. Get lost!!”