How to listen to songs online

How to listen to songs online

Judging from the appearance, the curse seems to be dispelled.

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The rest is actually whether Harold-san’s body has lost its malaise.

「H-How do you feel…?」

When I asked nervously,

「Oh, this is amazing…! The languid feeling was blown away all at once!」he said, putting on a smile full of vitality.

「I see, I am glad to hear that!」

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The research was successful, Prototype No.1 of Allen cells seems to have been effective against the curse.

After Harold-san left the room,

「I did it! At last, we have finally found a cure for curses! This is a super discovery that will remain in the history of mankind!」

Chemy-san raised her hands and spun around like a child.

「You did it, Chemy-san!」

「Congratulations, Chemy-san!」

「Thank you very much! Thanks to Allen-kun and Ria-san’s cooperation, medicine has taken a very big leap forward!」

As we shared our joy with each other,

「For now, let’s report to Tenshi-sama right away! If we have this, we can save a great number of lives!」

I immediately stood up and tried to rush out of Laboratory No.3.

Right then,

「W-Wait a minute!」