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However, after being immersed in the game for some time, Pei Qian realized that IOI was very different from LOL. The heroes in both games had nothing in common, and IOI’s operations were more complicated.

What’s more, for them to play IOI in China, they had to make use of an accelerator and connect to a foreign server. Thus, the lag was pretty bad.

Of course, that did not affect the game’s popularity.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe aside, many other internet cafes had installed both IOI and GOG in their computers at the moment.

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Internet cafe owners were very good at observing the market. They would make sure to install games that looked most popular among gamers in the internet cafe at the

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Furthermore, IOI was going to be updated today. After all, the United States did not celebrate Chinese New Year.

As he approached home, Pei Qian’s cell phone rang.

He had thought that it was his mother, chasing him to go home for dinner. However, as he retrieved his cell phone in the cool breeze, Pei Qian discovered that it was Li Yada.

“Eh? Why are you calling me today?

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“Are you sending me a greeting? “That can’t be. You’ve already sent me a message on the eve of Chinese New Year.”Pei Qian picked up the phone, full of suspicion.

Li Yada’s anxious voice immediately sounded. “Boss Pei! I think IOI just updated their game. Did you notice that?”

Pei Qian, “Oh, I know. What’s up?”

Li Yada was stunned as if she had not expected Boss Pei to sound so calm. In fact, there seemed to be a bit of... joy amidst the calm tone.

“Boss Pei, once IOI is updated, GOG would be much less competitive! Finger Games is not celebrating the Chinese New Year! “A ten-day Chinese New Year holiday might not seem like much, but our game started off worse off than IOI already. If we delay this any further, the consequences would be dire. We might not be able to catch up with them!