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Then, for some reason, I was taken by the two who were in a bad mood, and headed towards the beach.

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「Un… it’s really pretty.」

「Yes, there aren’t such beautiful seas in my country.」

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「The water is so clear that you can see the bottom.」

The sea that I saw everyday during the games and training, and looking at it now with a calm presence of mind – it truly was beautiful.

「Now, what should we play?」

Many students were already doing what they wanted at the beach.

A student fishing on the shore.

A student building a sand castle.

A student splashing water in shallow waters.

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Everyone was enjoying the last day of the summer camp to the fullest.

「Well, I just thought about it – how about this!?」

Ria took out three floating rings in a deflated state that she had been holding in her hands.

「…Floating rings?」

「Un! I borrowed it from the president this morning! Let’s swim together with this!」

「There is also sea breeze, so it will surely feel good!」