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Zhang Yuan did not think too much and continued following behind Pei Qian.

When they arrived at the sales building, Pei Qian explained the purpose of their visit. The lady at the front desk made a call and then offered drinks to the three men. About half an hour later, Manager Cui rushed over.

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While rushing over, Manager Cui had felt confused. Why was a customer taking the initiative to approach the sales building today? This was mysterious!

This was like people taking the initiative to approach insurance companies, wanting to buy insurance. It’s unheard of.

From the get-go, Ming Yun Villas has been up for sale. Almost a year has passed since. Interested ballers would have bought their villas a long time ago. Why would they wait until now?

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Yet, whatever it was, it was a good thing that customers were coming of their own accord. Even if they were not sincere about buying a villa and merely wanted to take a look, Manager Cui still had to host them.

After greeting Manager Cui, Pei Qian got straight to the point.

“Manager Cui, can I rent a hilltop villa?”

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Manager Cui had just sat down and taken a sip of tea. He nearly choked on his drink when he heard the question.

The young man in front of him was dressed in a custom-made suit. He did not look poor. Yet, he was not here to buy a villa but to rent one?

According to the relevant regulations-if developers had ownership of the properties, they could rent them out.

However, who could afford to rent villas?

If they really rented the villas according to market price, it would cost about two to three hundred thousand yuan a month to rent a villa. Who would be bored enough to rent a villa in such a deserted place? This area was not even suited for living long-term.

What’s more—even if people really were interested in renting the villas, the developer was not.

The villas had all been uniquely renovated. The pools and various furniture also had to be regularly maintained. Every now and then, they would have to be cleaned and repaired. For all they knew, a baller would take a liking to the villa; and they would be able to sell it.

Maintenance problems aside—even if they rented the villas out, the developers would only get two or three hundred thousand yuan a month. They really did not care for that.

Manager Cui looked apologetic as he said, “I’m really sorry, Sir. We can only sell our villas, not rent them out.”Pei Qian nodded. He had been prepared for this. “Is that so? What a pity. I have no choice but to buy one then.”

He said this for the System to hear. Look, I tried to save the company’s money. I’ve found a villa suitable to turn into a high-end restaurant, but the developers would only sell the villas, not rent them out!