What to sell online is low

What to sell online is low

Then again, he dismissed that idea immediately.

He should definitely not do that!

What if it became a gadget for training hand speed if he were to send it to DGE Esports Club? What if it became trendy amongst the whales if he were to give them to Boss Li and his clique?

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After all, anything that was related to Boss Pei would not escape the fate of being over-interpreted.

Therefore, Pei Qian decided that it was strictly forbidden to make this public. It was best not to give it away as a gift or to advertise. The best solution to them was to leave them in the warehouse to collect dust.

Zhang Wang’s mood was very complicated after he watched Boss Pei leave. The shared phone booth would not have succeeded without Boss Pei. However, Boss Pei still trusted him so much even though the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine had such a bad start.

Zhang Wang felt a little ashamed while feeling touched.

He Desheng walked over and patted him on the shoulder. “Boss Pei said that we should mass-produce as much as possible so don’t think too much.”

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He Desheng might not be able to guess the plan that Boss Pei had up his sleeve, but it was definitely right to act according to Boss Pei’s requirement. Zhang Wang nodded. “I know, I just feel like I let down Boss Pei. I don’t know what else I can do to help Boss Pei.”

“Hmm?” He Desheng was taken aback and thought for a while. “Do you have any invention that can be used for the Thriller Hostel? Boss Pei seemed to be focused on this huge haunted house recently.”

Zhang Wang frowned slightly. “This... I’m afraid no; the mechanisms in the Thriller Hostel are probably already designed. My earthy inventions are hard to pass up.”

“However... does the Thriller Hostel require any publicity?”

He Desheng nodded. “Publicity? Of course, who would reject more publicity?”

Zhang Wang gave it some serious thought. “Then... how about I use the shared phone booth to publicize Thriller Hostel?”The shared phone booth had an outward-facing display within it. It was originally used for advertising and investment promotion so various advertising contents could be advertised there.

He Desheng suddenly replied, “Oh? That is a good idea! Then, I’ll send a message to Chen Kangtuo and ask him to send the promotional materials over.”

Zhang Wang could not help but be happy. His guilt was relieved.

The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine might not seem to be optimistic currently and would likely cause a loss. However, it would also be a great help to Boss Pei by advertising the opening of the Thriller Hostel in the shared phone booth in the shopping malls of major cities!

Wouldn’t that also be repaying Boss Pei’s kindness?

Boss Pei should be relieved by this, right?