Is the Snow Wolf team make money online?

Is the Snow Wolf team make money online?

I found myself overwhelmingly disadvantaged in numbers.

「N-No… Even if you say take responsibility… 」

And as I was acting flustered,

「…Fufu, it’s a joke.」

「Fufu, just kidding.」

Saying that, Rose and Ria laughed happily.

「Both of you… Give me a break…」

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I’m already called the Dropout Swordsman, Problem Child, Evil Emperor, etc.

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I have a bad reputation in the academy.

(To be honest, I don’t care about people’s reputation anymore…)

It’s better not to speak ill of people at all.

As I sigh a breath of relief,

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「-Next is the Sword King Festival. I’m cheering for you, so don’t lose!」

「Do your best for us too.」

Ria and Rose cheered me on.