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What is Uehara-kun trying to say? For a mob character like me to talk to Tendo-san normally… wait… …

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“You just noticed!?”

I stood up from my chair with a clang and shouted, eyes wide. Uehara-kun also replied in surprise.

I-I guess that’s true. When we were playing medal games, I was nervous as always and experienced strong feelings of awe, but I feel like I was able to properly communicate. Well, though that may be true, the mood wasn’t very good. Eventually, it became a competition between the two of us. In other words, I ended up losing and showed her my disgraceful side. Yea.

I was going to tell him that, but Uehara-kun said “No, that’s not what I meant”, and listlessly massaged the back of his neck.

“I wasn’t talking about winning or losing. Because you two played together without special reasons like ‘club activities’, I think you have already fulfilled the requirements to be considered as ‘friends’ now.”

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“U-umm, is that so?”

Honestly speaking, I’ve never thought about how close I am to Tendo-san. Every time we meet, I only think about my temper or about how I should act.

Since we’re pretty much “acquaintances”, I’ve always talked and acted like such, but… well, it’s not like there’s anything more than that between us. Rather, I often think that she still hates me.

Also, the reason why Tendo-san is getting close to me is… probably because she wants to get closer to Uehara-kun.

She’s employing the tactic of “If you want to aim for the general, aim for his horse first” to get closer to him and be able to communicate with him. How much can you consider this as “becoming closer”?

However, I can’t talk about this things with Uehara-kun himself, so all he sees is that Tendo-san and I are getting along.

“(Mou, this is why the protagonist of a love comedy that doesn’t understand the girl’s heart is…!)”

While I was groaning, Uehara-kun looked at me with an exasperated expression for some reason.