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His behavior had been very confusing.

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What had happened on Friday? Was Cui Geng going to continue writing the book or not?

One had to understand that, among all the writers who were taking part in the class, Cui Geng was showing some best results.

Many of the newer writers would have made a book with five to six thousand subscriptions last forever.

Faced with everyone’s questions, Cui Geng smiled. “I was indeed educated on the Tengda spirit on Friday, but not in the ancient way of education that you’re probably thinking about. I was educated through an original approach.

“You’ll know once you get there. That approach was very interesting indeed!

“As for this book... I am planning to finish it as soon as possible, but that’s only because...

“I’ve achieved speedy enlightenment. I want to finish this book as quickly as possible so that I can start on a better one!”

Cui Geng’s eyes lit up. During this period, he had been thinking non-stop about The Butterfly Game’s framework. He was waiting to visit Tengda’s various departments to gather material. Then, he would be able to start writing!

Ming Yu felt curious. For some reason, Cui Geng’s mental state seemed different from before. Before, Cui Geng had a serious procrastination problem and a minor slacking one. What’s more, he had been a bit arrogant.

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Honestly, Ming Yu had thought that Cui Geng had been wasting his own talent away.

He could easily get five to six thousand subscriptions. Yet, instead of updating his books seriously, he had always cut them off halfway, as and when he had felt like it.

Ming Yu believed that as long as Cui Geng could take writing seriously and upload six thousand to eight thousand words per day, his subscriptions would be through the roof.

However, looking at Cui Geng’s expression now, he felt like the latter had turned over a new leaf.

Could education on the Tengda spirit really be that effective?

Cui Geng continued speaking. “After learning about the Tengda spirit, I understood one thing: I shouldn’t fight or despise rest and entertainment. Instead, I should use them wisely to maintain a good working state. “I shouldn’t just focus on my word count but also focus on maintaining my novels’ quality.

“Big Boss Ming Yu, haven’t you always asked me how I got five thousand subscriptions? I think you should reduce your daily word count and improve your writing quality. That should be your priority for now.” At that point, Ming Yu fell into deep thought. “Hm... that makes sense. Should I write less today and focus on learning the Tengda spirit?”

Although he had gotten a day off, Ming Yu was not interested in that at all. As the most diligent writer in the class, he was more concerned about writing more and writing better.