Use UG to make parts with UG

Use UG to make parts with UG

"No matter how you look at it, you guys look like a couple affectionately spending Christmas together, that sort of feeling?".

"Hehehe. Isn't it embarrassing, Ayanokouji-kun? They're saying we look like a couple".

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".....I suppose so".

I suppose I cannot deny that this is a situation which makes it seem to be the case. As long as we're out on a date on Christmas, it can't be helped even if we are more or less told that.

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"But still, the two of you seriously aren't going out with each other? Could it be the truth is you're already going out~".

"N-N-No. Not at all. We still aren't in that kind of relationship!".

"Really? If you're hiding something you'd better tell me right now, ok?".

Rather than asking just out of curiosity she's clearly poking fun at us. It's just, I couldn't see any sign of Satou disliking it from the bottom of her heart or being troubled by it. If I had to say, she even seems to be happy about being teased by Karuizawa like that. That seems strange, or rather, it was slightly incomprehensible and I ended up being confused by it.

However, upon immediately replacing it with myself, I managed to come to a certain understanding. For instance, even if I, by some accident, ended up going on a date with an idol-like girl from this school, if a friend happened to stumble onto the sight and asked whether she is my girlfriend? If I get teased like that, at the same time as I would feel embarrassed, I would also feel something akin to a superiority complex. It's just, in this case, there is the pride of having the clear status as the 'school's idol' and whether or not Satou feels something like that towards me or not is strongly questionable.

"Speaking of which, Satou-san, you don't have a boyfriend yet right?".

The persistent attacks from Karuizawa didn't end, rather they continued to come one after another. I half-listened to what she had to say while thinking about how to safely pull through the unexpected double date.

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And for a little while longer, as I answered the questions coming from Karuizawa, the elusive time continued on.......

"We'll be enjoying this on our own so the two of you, don't mind us ok?".

Eventually, saying that, Karuizawa turned towards Hirata. So after saying everything she wanted to say she's leaving, huh. Karuizawa's goal here is relatively predictable but even so, there are still plenty of aspects I still don't understand.

In any case, in the double date from now on we'll be acting as a group but basically it still means we still have to carry on a conversation between the two of us. I did not understand that particular rule, or more like delineation, very well but let's just say I don't mind.