To undertake the task of making money online

To undertake the task of making money online

Li Shi agreed over the phone.

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Zhang Lixian was elated. “Boss Li, then shall we go to your office for the interview? Let me know a convenient time for you.”

Li Shi was silent for a moment over the phone. “If it is to introduce a successful investment experience... then I have a better location for the interview.

“Sloth Apartments at the Dawn of Prosperous City.”

Apart from the story mode itself, many other aspects of Ocean Stronghold surprised Chen Sha.

For example, the hand sensitivity during battles!

Chen Sha was an elite gamer in FPS games and possessed superb skills. He was extremely skillful in techniques such as burst fire and target tracking.

To put it simply, he had excellent shooting skills. That meant that he had high expectations for the hand sensitivity of FPS games.

The gaming experience for FPS games mostly focused on the game’s hand sensitivity.

When he was trying out Bullet Hole, Chen Sha was a little shocked by how far the game producers had gone to perfect the game. Bullet Hole had almost reached the level Counter Strike was at.

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However, what Bullet Hole did was mainly replicating Counter Strike.

That was very normal. Counter Strike was proven to be the closest-to-perfect FPS game in recent years. It was almost unbeatable when compared to other games in the domestic market.

Things would not go wrong if producers tried their best to replicate the hand sensitivity in Counter Strike.

However, the problem laid here. No matter how closely they tried to replicate the game, there was no way it would surpass the original game itself.

Bullet Hole attempted to replicate Counter Strike’s hand sensitivity. However, it was hard for them to reach the height Counter Strike was at due to some imperfections and inadequacies.

Even though Chen Sha suggested several amendments to improve Bullet Hole’s gaming experience, even he could not specify what the minor differences between the two games were!

‘Intuition’ itself was something hard to quantify. Sometimes, one might know that a problem existed but would find it hard to pinpoint what amendments were needed.

Ocean Stronghold, on the other hand, went down a completely different path!

Chen Sha knew that from the moment he experienced the story mode.