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“There’s no guarantee that you don’t know the facts, is there?”

“Yes. That’s the reason why this issue we have has yet to be buried. No matter how much I deny it, you won’t be able to ignore the possibility that I’m lying to you. Not only that, I don't think you’d be comfortable with me knowing anything about the incident at all, and would choose to kick me out of school regardless.”

Kushida doesn’t deny it, so Horikita continues.

“Do you want to hold a bet with me, Kushida-san?”

“Bet? What does that mean?”

The other end of the cell phone went silent.

They seemed to stop their conversation and start thinking. Horikita offered to make a bet. This was not something she came up with on the spot, but something that she had thought of in advance.

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“You don't like the fact that I exist. It's a helpless question, right?”

“Let’s see, as long as Horikita-san is in this school, my mind will not change.”

“However, we are all students in Class D. If we don't help each other in the future, we won't be able to advance to Class A.”

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“That depends on your way of thinking. I think that the problem will be solved as soon as you drop out of school.”

“Do you have any plans on dropping out yourself?”

“No way. If anyone is dropping out, it would be you, Horikita-san.”

While the quality was low and there were many choppy parts, the voices of both of them were calm.

“I’m not going to drop out of school either.”

“Then there’s no way. No matter what, I don’t think we’re going to get along.”

“Yeah… Maybe so. From that day until now, I’ve been thinking about it. Thinking about what to do to coexist.”

A solution doesn’t come to me either. Even now.