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Naturally. One step further, and his eyeballs would have been crushed.

However, to suddenly go for the eyes.... that guy...

『Tis the 【Great Demon Finger Jab】... Moreover, tis almost completed...』

『Tis a technique I am yet to teach the child... I had no intention of teaching it...』

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Because it is called a jab, I thought it was a skill that had something to do with me, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Are you still going?”

“O, of course I am! Dosukoi! Dosukoi! Dosukoi!”

Even with his face pale, Khaldash shook off Wacha’s hand and threw himself in.

He launched a continuous series of strikes with both hands.

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He approached Wacha as if he was a wall.

But Wacha...

“Hwa! Hwa! Hwa! Hwa!”

“Nu, gu!?”

All of Khaldash’s hand slaps were handled with quick hand movements. Moreover, he not only dealt with them.

“Hwa! Hwa! Wachaaa!”