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Boss Pei is right. I was being too conservative. Indeed, Boss Pei is worthy of his reputation. With a single look, he could point out the root of the problem!

It looks like I have to keep working hard.

Wang Xiaobin’s temper tantrum dissipated at once.

Since this was the case, he had to do his best to cooperate with Ye Zhizhou. They needed to produce Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. Then, the next game they would produce would be the standalone game that he liked.

These three or four months would be the perfect time for him to keep brainstorming. He could revamp his entire plan and try to satisfy Boss Pei by the end of this period!

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Ye Zhizhou scanned his design manuscript once again.

Indeed, Boss Pei had not changed a single word!

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“Brother Wang, what should we do? Should we work according to this proposal?” Ye Zhizhou felt slightly guilty.

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At that moment, the blind faith that Wang Xiaobin had in Boss Pei was at its peak. He immediately nodded and said, “Of course! Since Boss Pei has made his decision, what is there holding us back? Let’s work according to this!

“There’s another advantage to working according to your plan. The research and development period can be shortened significantly.

“We’re going to produce Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version. Wow, this name is really awkward. However, we can look at it as a high-definition replacement of the old version. We don’t have to change much of the game’s functions and gameplay. At the very most, we could spend a bit of time improving the various functions.

“This way, we can focus our time and energy on producing better art resources.

“Didn’t you always say before this that the current Bloody Battle Song has already been made over, and that all it’s lacking is a nice packaging? That’s just right! We’ll take this opportunity to change its packaging!

“I think that was what Boss Pei intended, too.”