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Even though the steps can be fast and rhythmical, the magic doesn’t work well.

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Once you’re focused on magic, the steps are disrupted.

I never imagined it would be so difficult to do two things at the same time.

“Yes, yes...”

『What happened? Seems you are out of breath with only this level. You have been raised pampered after all.』

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“Ugu! Gu... One more time!”

『Fu, Wind Crossover Step!』


『You put too much strength in the shoulders.』

But I have to get used to this. To find a style that will make me stronger and is unrelated with my father.

『Then, the bosoms will be out of reach.』

“Eh!? Oooh, not done yeeeettt!”

It’s best to use motivation when you are tired! Yes, it’s an oppai-ration! [1]

I never knew. That’s enough to make me feel like I can still do it, and my heart won’t break!

『Yes. Tis good to be motivated, but you are getting messy. Even tired, make sure to do the right steps and cast the right magic.』