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… After that, the things we had actually done was just playing together like this after school. And we both had plenty of friends, so we didn’t stick to each other on non school days, and didn’t go on any proper date before. We didn’t create any nice atmosphere, so things like kissing or beyond didn’t even need to be mentioned.

… I was a healthy high school boy too. Even though I was filled with lust, but for some reason, probably because Aguri being the one who confessed, I had some strange pride that stopped me from taking the initiative to do anything to her. But Aguri also maintained this pace, so our relationship developed into playmates who could talk about anything without worries, while our boy girl relationship didn’t move forward one bit. In the end, I couldn’t really grasp the difference between Aguri and my other female friends, so I couldn’t be more ‘aggressive’ with her.

… That might be so, but we were still a couple, so saying things like ‘you match Tendo-san well’ is too insensitive.

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I glared at Aguri’s eyes.

“So you are determining if we match by our looks?”

“Huh? Yes! You are handsome after all, and Tendo-san is cute just like me!”

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“... How stupid.”

I already thought that Aguri was a stupid girl, but I didn’t expect her to be this retarded. She probably confessed to me for my looks anyway, it would be a joke to describe it as love at first sight. Really now, women these days… Wait, I shouldn’t use Aguri as the standard. Mika and Reina might be frivolous, but not this bad… sigh.

It is true that dating a girl like Tendo might be a happy ending...

If I was choosing a partner solely on looks, she would be the top choice. No, it was the same for her personality. At least, if I was dating her, our relationship wouldn’t be as tiring like Aguri and mine was. Even chatting would be a joy, if anyone could monopolize Tendo’s intimate smile and shy expression, be it boy or girl, they would be captivated by her… That was why…

Why did that girl just have to choose Amano…?

Probably because Aguri said I was compatible with Tendo, my flustered emotions came back… Arggh, enough already! I felt like asking myself what was wrong with me! I kept thinking about Amano, Amano!

In a fit of the moment, I grabbed Aguri’s hand crudely.

“Come Aguri, let’s go home!”

“Huh? Eh, but I am not going in that direction, Tasuku…”

After she reminded me, I realized we were at the splitting point where we should be heading home separately. I felt my face heating up a little, but I couldn’t take my words back, so I pulled Aguri to conceal my embarrassment.

“I-It’s fine! Aguri, a-accompany me home some time!”