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No one would think that 80,000 people watching the competition was less popular than eight million people. Instead, they would subconsciously draw a ranking in their hearts.

Compared to Thursday’s 60,000, the number of people watching the ICL league increased again. This was undoubtedly a good sign!

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The bullet screen was filled with comments. It was enough to show how popular the ICL league was.

These bullet screen comments were all real after all. There were no fake bullet screen comments. Each bullet screen represented a real person watching the ICL league.

However, Zhao Xuming was stunned when he saw the comments.

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“Wow, ICL’s popularity today is not bad. It’s actually a quarter of the GPL league!”

“The ICL is an opening ceremony, alright? It’s normal to see more people.”

“Who gave you the illusion that the crowd from ICL is similar to GPL people? Obviously, ICL league has already surpassed themselves with 80,000 people.”

“I’m here to watch the GPL league and also here to visit.”

“I thought that 70,000 to 80,000 people would be quite a lot, but it looks like it’s only average now. It can’t be compared to GPL!”

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“It looks like the bullet screen comments would be more or less alright as long as there are more than 30,000 viewers. They would all be distributed. However, the number of viewers in the live-stream would not lie!”

“There are so many people on the first day of Bunny Tail live-streaming GPL. How many people would watch the live-stream GPL platforms?”

Zhao Xuming was stunned when he saw the bullet screen comments.

What was going on?

Why were the people in the live-stream talking about GPL?

All of a sudden, Zhao Xuming recalled that he had requested for Bunny Tail to live-stream the GPL league at the same time when he signed the contract!

Could it be...?