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How does the PLC engineer make money online?

All this makes me excited.

Well, his naming sense is unacceptable, so I’ll have to shout the new name of this skill.

Yes, this is my deadly...

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“Special Move, 【Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Spir- uh... Uh, uh... Do iiiiiiiiittt!”


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Darn! I did it, I fumbled the technique name aaaaaaaaaahh!

Gahd Dammiiiiiiiittt!

The long awaited, debut of my 【Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Screwattack】! [1] [S1]

『...... Hey...... cur, how dare you even consider this motion? The extent of such pathetic naming sense...... Did you conceive the moniker knowing you will regret ever uttering it in a year or two? Light? Flash? You basically used the same thing twice? Is it that important? 』

Like that, Tre’ainar whispers out to me in a very cold, rather unusual way.

No, no matter how you think about it, I have a better naming sense, right?

Oh, for now, I punched Rebal through the temple and he rolled down to the ground.

Author’s Note

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Well, it’s not going to be a knockout, Rebal is here to show his true self. But now I’d be more ashamed of having eaten such a deathblow!

Oh, the overall rating exceeds 40,000 points.. I wonder, it’s a bad thing when the author mentions the point, right? I hear that you disliked it, so I will start over.

Oh, the overall rating has exceeded 40,000 drills! Thank you for your spiral power. Or, after all, I was completely naked all week. When I saw it just now, the ranking of the day was also one digit, and I was grateful. Activate the quick attack magic ‘Post’!