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Meng Chang could not help but feel a little afraid. If he had created the publicity plan earlier, he would probably have gotten a zero commission!

Was Boss Pei trying to protect me by not letting me do the publicity for the G1 cell phone?

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He could forget about getting a commission this month if he did this publicity plan. If he did not do this publicity plan, he might be able to get a commission of 10,000 yuan if he could advertise the smart drying rack.

Meng Chang thought about it and realized that Boss Pei’s plan to stop him from making G1 cell phones was actually beneficial to him. That made him even more confused.

Thus, he had come with Boss Pei today to take a look at the ‘smart drying rack’ of Otto Technologies.

It seemed to be an indecent product from its name.

No matter how good Otto Technologies’ cell phone was, it was still a cell phone. There was still a chance of success. However, the “smart drying rack”? The chances of failure were very high!

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Of course, Meng Chang did not dare to let his guard down. He had the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine as an example after all.

He had to look at the specific functions of the “smart drying rack” on the spot to make a judgment.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Otto Technologies. Chang You was already there to welcome them.

Jiang Yuan was in charge of the cell phone business and was busy with G1 cell phones. Chang You was in charge of all the smart products in Otto Technologies.

“Boss Pei, this way please.”

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Chang You led Boss Pei and Meng Chang to the entertainment room of Otto Technologies.

Meng Chang saw the special machine in the corner of the entertainment room at a glance.

The design was very unique, but one could tell at a glance that it was some kind of fitness equipment.

Chang You introduced. “This is a sample sent over by the factory a few days ago. To be honest, it’s slightly more troublesome to assemble than ordinary fitness equipment. After all, the structure is more complicated, and the parts are very heavy. Therefore, we must include delivery and installation in the package. It would be more difficult for customers to install it themselves.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course, we have to install it. Isn’t that natural?”

In fact, it was not difficult to install the equipment. Many fitness equipment used a similar model: find special distributors to work with across the country and give them a sum of money. Let the workers at the distributors learn how to dismantle the equipment and conduct simple malfunctions and maintenance. Once the goods were delivered, let the workers in the same city install them at the consumers’ place.

Of course, it would be even simpler if they were in a city with Upwind Logistics. These things could be handled by the express delivery personnel of Upwind Logistics.