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“No. I don’t want to pretend that we’re good friends.”

Red hair got up from his seat. At the same time, several other students left the room. They probably had no intention to get to know their classmates. Horikita also started to get up from her seat.

She looked at my direction, but when she realized that I wasn’t moving, she started walking out the room. Hirata looked a bit lonely as he saw the group walk out the classroom.

“They’re not bad people. I’m also at fault since I asked them to stay out of my own selfishness.”

“Hirata-kun did nothing bad. Let’s just leave those people alone.”

Even though some people left after not wanting to do self-introductions, the remaining students continued to go around and introduce themselves

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“I’m Ike Kanji. The things I like are girls, and the things I hate are ikemen. I’m looking for a girlfriend at any time, so nice to meet you! Of course, you better be cute or beautiful!”

It’s hard to tell if he said that as a joke or if it his true thoughts, but he earned the ire of the females.

“Wow, cool~. Ike-kun, you’re so smooth”, said one of the girls with a completely emotionless voice.

Of course, it was obvious that it was 1000%!a(MISSING) lie.

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“Really, really? Wow, I thought I wasn’t bad, but… hehe.”

Apparently Ike thought it was true and became a bit embarrassed.

Suddenly all the girls laughed.

“Wow, everyone, he’s cute. He’s recruiting girlfriends!”

No you’re being teased.

Ike waved his hand cheerfully while being teased. It doesn’t seem like he’s a bad person though.

Then, the boy who fought on the bus, Koenji, was up next.

After checking his bangs with a hand-mirror, he used a comb to arrange his hair.

“Um, can you introduce yourself”