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「I see. So you do it “Gui” like this… and then “Zuba”!」

I did as told and unleashed Evening Sakura again.

「Oh, that’s it! You can do it if you try!」

He smiled satisfactorily and patted me on the shoulder.

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「Thank you very much.」

Bacchus-san’s way of teaching is certainly a little lacking, but…

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If you listen carefully, you will be able to understand what he means.

Now I can clearly understand the “Gui” and “Zuba” he says.

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(That’s right… I need to do “Gui” then “Zuba” for Evening Sakura.)

It will be quite difficult to find a more accurate expression.

「Hey, Rose. Why is Allen improving from Bacchus-san’s teaching method?」

「Maybe they, fellow inhumans, are communicating with each other in something other than words. We humans can’t possibly understand, and we don’t need to understand them.」

I felt that Ria and Rose were looking at me and talking about something, but it’s probably just my imagination.

Then I kept swinging my sword for another couple of hours.

「Well, it’s about time to take a break!」

Bacchus-san clapped and signaled a short break.

「Fuu, I’ve sweated quite a lot.」