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How to make money on the Internet without money

It was definitely not a good sign that Yu Yao said that his publicity method was similar to Boss Pei’s.

That was because Boss Pei’s publicity had all been successful. Didn’t that mean that his publicity plan would also be successful?

It was too ominous!

Meng Chang originally thought that Yu Yao had looked at this plan for so long because he felt that it was ridiculous. However, he realized that Yu Yao did not think that the plan was ridiculous at all. Instead, he had seen Boss Pei’s taste from it. That was why he had looked at it for so long!

However, no matter how Meng Chang looked at the publicity plan, he did not think it was similar to Boss Pei’s publicity method.

Their motives were completely opposite after all!

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Boss Pei’s publicity was done after planning and strategizing. He simply sold a few flaws and actually prepared countless exquisite backups.

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Meng Chang’s publicity was purely to sell flaws and deliberately lose the clients.

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How could it be the same!

It could only be similar in form but not spiritually. The difference was huge.

At that thought, Meng Chang felt slightly relieved.

How could it be similar to Boss Pei? Yu Yao must be mistaken.

Meng Chang did not want to attack him seeing the vigorous desire for knowledge hidden in his dazzling spirit. He only vaguely said, “This... Actually, I learned it from absorbing influence. Boss Pei did not teach me anything.”

“Read more, learn more, and put more practice into your work. You’ll definitely be able to master this technique.”

“Now, let’s push this publicity plan forward.”

Yu Yao immediately nodded. “Alright, Brother Meng, I’ll go now!”

He turned back halfway and whispered, “Brother Meng, there must be a back-up plan for this publicity plan, right? Can you secretly tell me about it? How do you plan to make it popular?”

The corners of Meng Chang’s mouth twitched.

What do you mean by back-up plan! There was none!