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“Yes, I’m curious. After all, it’s rare for me to see you smile like that.”

“Eh? W-Well, …r-really…”

Chiaki’s voice became quieter and quieter. She plopped her head down as she mumbled something. Don’t tell me, …did I freak her out with my unusual response? I’d be quite embarrassed too if Chiaki treated me like that.

Just as I’m scratching my head puzzledly, Chiaki still lowered her head while stuttered to me.

“W-Well, it’s my birthday a couple days ago.”

“Eh, really? H-Happy birthday, Chiaki.”

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I was a bit surprised, but I congratulated her nonetheless.

…I didn’t know this at all. Even if I didn’t give the girl a present, I think I still hoped that I can say “happy birthday” to Chiaki on the date or a day after that…Even though she’s my rival…

Perhaps Chiaki saw the sad expression on my face, she immediately started showing solitude to me with the attitude that doesn’t resemble a rival at all.

“Ah, it’s okay. Then, what I wanted to say is that I got a present from my little sister!”

“Konoha-san gave you a present? Huh, she’s certainly thoughtful.”

Even though I have a little brother, but brothers won’t actually exchange presents with each other. I mean, we’re pretty close to each other, …but perhaps it’s because we’re male relatives, we don’t have a habit like that.

So, I admired Konoha-san’s action from the bottom of my heart. I then asked.

“Ah, is that the reason why you’re so excited today?”

“Yeah, I’m already thrilled when I received a gift from my little sister. The content of the present is coincidentally a game that I liked…Also, the game that she gave me is the one that I barely missed on, so I didn’t buy it for myself!”

After I heard Chiaki, the after school scenery a week ago immediately showed up in my mind.

Don’t tell me…

I asked Chiaki as I can feel my heart’s pumping faster.

“Uh, the title of that game is…”