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Zhang Yuan: “Boss Pei! The DGE Club has finally earned its first paycheck! This is worth celebrating!”

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Pei Qian was stunned. He tapped the image to take a closer look. He became paralyzed, as if he had just been struck by a bolt of lightning, and then held himself back from cussing.

Who the f*ck was willing to sponsor a club that could not even take part in competitions?!


Pei Qian was speechless.

The sponsorship of two million yuan was not too much since Boss Pei has been sponsoring one million US dollars to foreign clubs.

However, the key point was that DGE was not a veteran club that had been in operations for a long time. There was no exposure since they could not enter competitions. Who would want to sponsor them for?

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Could you recoup this money?

Pei Qian calmed down a little and clicked on the photo sent by Zhang Yuan. He glanced at the picture again and found the keywords above: Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform.

Why does a live-stream platform want to sponsor the DGE club? Could it be...?

Pei Qian suddenly felt that something was not good! Indeed, the DGE club could not play official competitions, but it did not mean they could not livestream!

The live-stream platform had its own exposure!