What are the online power available?

What are the online power available?

All the club managers dispersed to various corners at once to call their respective bosses.

Manager Li walked to the garden outside the villa and dialed the number of the boss of his club.

“Hello? Boss, I want to report an update on the GOG team. Boss Pei wants us to sign an agreement...

“That’s right, I quoted eleven million yuan. If we really manage to sell the team, we will earn a considerable amount after taking into account the value of each player, the GPL quota, and our operating costs. We won’t lose out for sure.

“GPL quota? We can always buy it again if we want to. The quota itself is not worth much. How many local esports clubs are there anyway?

“That’s right, Boss. The GPL quota would probably not be worth much because Tengda is now developing the esports ecosystem. Players are allowed to form their own teams and start competing at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe from the get-go. Since that’s the case, we can always buy a capable internet cafe team that would be able to take part in GPL.

“That’s right. The worst-case scenario is that we sell our team for eleven million yuan and then spend a little more money to buy a new team from the internet cafe. We will not lose out for sure.”

“Alright, Boss. I’ll sign the agreement, then.”

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Manager Li hung up and felt much more confident.

No matter which angle he looked at it, the worst-case scenario if he signed the agreement would be earning less money. The club would probably not incur any losses.

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The athletes’ values and club costs were fixed. The premium was more than enough to cover them.

The club had set up the GOG team for fun and recovered their capital by accepting a couple of sponsors and spokespersons. Now, by selling their team to outsiders at a premium, the club would earn a considerable profit as well.

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What’s more, even if they sold the team now, they could easily return if they wanted to in the future.

At the moment, the entry requirements for most esports professional leagues around the world were easy to meet. The reason for that was simple—few people took part.